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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I resolve a classroom-related problem?
A:  The best way to find a resolution for students who are having classroom-related problems is to follow a four-step, progression.
1.  The first and most direct contact should be with the student's teacher.  You may contact teachers directly via phone or email through the school's webpage.  If your student has already spoken with his or her teacher, an early contact from the parent to the teacher generally resolves any issue.
2.  If communication with the teacher does not resolve the problem, please contact your student's counselor.  Your student's counselor can assist in resolving the issue.
3.  The next person to contact if there has not been satisfactory resolution after the first two steps is the appropriate grade-level Assistant Principal.
4.  Finally, if the three steps have been completed and there is still no resolution, you may contact the School Principal.
Q:  How do I request a transcript?
A:  Contact the Registrar.
Q:  Who is my student's counselor?
A:  Counselors divide their caseload by student grade and the students' last name. 
Q:  How can I contact my student's teacher(s)?
A:  You must know the names of your student's teachers.  The fastest way to contact teachers is through email.  If you would prefer to phone the teachers, they also have phone extensions where you may leave a message.
Q:  How do I clear an absence for my student?
A:  Contact the attendance office.