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ESNR - WHS Environmental Academy

Camping at Big Basin

Pinnacles Nat'l Park

Camping at Fremont Peak

At the Peak at Fremont Peak

Pinnacles National Park

ESNR 2023 Promo Video

ESNR Video

About us...
ESNR is Watsonville High School's green academy. Environmental Studies combines knowledge and diverse perspectives to help solve the challenging environmental problems that we face today. We are here to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we walk on. In our hands-on program, we build models of sustainable homes, learn about wind and solar, explore new technologies in electric cars, 3D print models and use drones to measure land use. We learn how our systems run, from the biggest ocean, to the tiniest plankton.
Students can go on to develop their career by studying ecology, natural resources, city planning, or other important related careers such as economics, law, business, or medicine. 
In ESNR we get out! Expect trips to State and National Parks, tours of colleges and universities, boat rides and beaches. At ESNR, we are here to inspire, to collaborate, and to educate with a purpose!
ESNR is proudly partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, UC Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, The City of Watsonville, Strategic Energy Innovations, and Your Future is Our Business.
Go Green or Go Home!!

Dog eat dog world



Fun + Active + Creative + Curious + Smart = ESNR!!