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Dress Code- Overview


The staff, parents/guardians, and students of Watsonville High School are committed to maintaining a safe educational environment for all students and staff.  Watsonville High School has developed a policy designed to identify and eliminate gang influences on our campus.  California Education Codes 35183, as well as PVUSD Board Policy 5132(a) gives schools a great deal of latitude in dealing with "gang-related apparel." Regardless of whether a student identifies with a gang or not, our stance is that all of these individuals are at-risk of gang involvement and are a threat to the safety of the school community.  This policy is designed to meet our zero-tolerance policy for gangs.  Administration is not limited to the list below of dress code violations.  The school maintains the right to insist that a student remove or change the clothing item in question.

Dress Code rules apply any time a student is on campus or at a school-related event.  This applies before, during and after school. 

Any gang-related colors, symbols or language is strictly prohibited.  School personnel and the School Resource Officer (SRO) determine what is/is not gang-related behavior, clothing, and/or activity, not the student or family.


Watsonville High School accepts no responsibility for any confiscated clothing or item.

Dress for successDRESS for SUCCESS!

Hats (Ed Code 35183.5)


Hats (Ed Code 35183.5)

Hats, caps, knit caps or hoods can be worn as sun protective clothing while outdoors only.  

The following headwear is permitted:

  • Official WHS beanies, caps, and visors with our black and gold logos

  • Custom-knitted headwearWildcatz Hat

  • Peruvian-Native American-type beanies  


The following headwear is NOT permitted and may result in being placed on an Opportunity Contract:

  • Any headgear that is associated with gang affiliation (stocking caps, hairnets, bandanas, handkerchiefs)

  • Headwear with any red or blue

  • Hats with letters that are blue or red


Watsonville High School Administration reserves the right to add to the dress code at any time during the school year as deemed necessary.


Inappropriate clothing

School personnel and administration have the discretion to deem what is inappropriate clothing or accessories.  Clothing must be appropriate for the educational environment.  

  • Shorts and skirts must reach to student’s arm length when placed at sides

  • Midriffs and cleavage must be covered at all times

  • Tattoos may have to be concealed

Any item that is known to be worn by gang-affiliated groups will not be permitted.  This includes clothing, jewelry, body adornments, signs, and/or other related symbols (letters, colors, or tattoos, the numbers 13, 14, or 831, etc.).  Evidence of membership, affiliation, or alliance with any gang is not permitted. Possession and/or the display of any gang related symbol(s), (see above) may not be worn or displayed on clothing or on any personal property.


Clothing Not Permitted

  • Any item of clothing that contains any red or blue per item, for example a shirt or pants.  This includes  shoes, shoelaces and accessories

  • Socks pulled up to the knees with shorts worn just below the knees

  • Clothing of any kind that displays undergarments

  • Bandanas of any kind or color

  • Steel-toed footwear

  • Clothing and/or jewelry that has a profane or obscene message, sexually inappropriate, promotes violence, smoking, drinking and/or the use of drugs

  • "Initialed" belt buckles, wallet chains of any size or spiked jewelry

CONSEQUENCES for Dress code Violations

1st offense: Item is confiscated and can be picked up by student at the end of the day and/or student must change into appropriate clothing

2nd offense: Item is confiscated and student must pick up at the end of the day; assigned Wednesday or Saturday School; parent notified

3rd offense:  Item is confiscated and must be picked up by parent; possible 1-2 day suspension


Any dress code offense that is gang-related may result in the student being placed on an Opportunity Contract.



Backpacks can be of any color

with the exception of bright red and blue.

Backpacks must not show

any visible gang or gang-related drawings, or graffiti.