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HA Staff
Contact Sarah Baumgart  Sarah Baumgart Teacher
Contact Lacey Deverick  Lacey Deverick ROP Instructor - Health Academy
Contact Will Federman  Will Federman (831) 728-6390 ex: 6343 Science Department Chair and Chemistry Teacher
Contact Hilary Reid  Hilary Reid Teacher
Contact Bertha Rodriguez  Bertha Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Amy Smet  Amy Smet Teacher
Contact Robert Smet  Robert Smet Teacher

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Health Academy
Mentor Dinner

 Health Careers Academy

Students join because they are interested in these jobs: Doctor, Nurse, Physical/Sports Therapist, Dentist, EMT (Paramedic), Dental Assistant or Hygienist, Home Health Aide, Hospital or Medical Office Administrator, ChiropractorPharmacist, X-Ray or Lab Technician, Medical Researcher, Mental Health Care Provider, Dietician, Veterinarian, and more...