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Health Academy Fall 2016
Health Academy Fall 2016

 Health Careers Academy

The Health Careers Academy gives you the opportunity to follow your dreams toward a great future in the medical field. Working with a supportive team of WHS teachers and health professionals, you will receive a college prep education and 'hands-on' experience through internships and community projects.


The Health Academy Gives These Opportunities To Students Interested in the Medical Field!


Here is what we offer them

  • The students gain knowledge and skills that will help you graduate WHS and enter a college or university!
  • Students will receive on-the-job-experience, with internships in local the hospital!
  • Have a local health care professional be your mentor!
  • Students visit colleges, universities, hospitals, labs and medical conferences to learn from and share experiences with health care professionals and instructors!
  • Teachers help students with summer job placement!
  • Best of all, teachers support the goals of the students!


 Quotes by some of our students and staff....


'The Health Academy is awesome, and it has great teachers.' Deysi Zavala graduate 2010

'You might think its boring, but after you join, you will see your future in a different way.' Urzula Candelario Graduate 2003

'I like taking peoples ideas and interests of health and seeing them turn into careers and goals that will help their community and families.' Ms. Shellman Teacher

'The Health Academy is pretty bad, and you get to meet new people.' Minerva Perez graduate 2010

'I learned more and it helped my pick my future career.' Brenda Zamora Graduate 04

'The Health Academy rocks!' Viridiana Aguirre

'The Health Academy has helped me out, and it has made me want to be a doctor even more.' Luis Fuentes Graduate 2004

Students join because they are interested in these jobs: Doctor, Nurse, Physical/Sports Therapist, Dentist, EMT (Paramedic), Dental Assistant or Hygienist, Home Health Aide, Hospital or Medical Office Administrator, Chiropractor,Pharmacist , X-Ray or Lab Technician , Medical Researcher , Mental Health Care Provider , Dietician , Veterinarian, and more...