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Administrative Staff
Lupe Godinez-Carrancho (831) 728-6390 ex: 6370 Office Manager
Elaine Legorreta Principal
Christina MacLean (831) 728-6390 ex: 6386 Assistant Principal
Michael Mansfield ex: 6487 Assistant Principal
Cheryl Romo (831) 728-6390 ex: 6376 Assistant Principal
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3/26/18 10:27 AM
3/26/18 10:39 AM
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5/13/19 8:14 AM

Your Friendly Principal

Me and my prizes

Elaine Legorreta

I thoroughly enjoy serving as principal of Watsonville High School - though I never dreamed I would have this job.  The WHS community supports all members (including me) by pushing all of us to step up and continue to grow educationally, professionally, and emotionally.  The people in this town and this school helped me to exceed my dreams - exactly what I want for every student and staff member at our school!

You can contact me via email at

You can also call me at school at 728-6390 ext. 6475