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Contact Sylvia Alba  Sylvia Alba (831) 728-6390 ex: 6483 Migrant Counselor
Contact Maria Alcantar  Maria Alcantar Counselor 10th grade A-L and 12th grade A-F
Contact Federico Castaneda  Federico Castaneda (831) 728-6390 ex: 6387 Counselor - 11th Grade F - O and 12th Grade G - O
Contact Angelica Echevarria  Angelica Echevarria (831) 728-6390 ex: 6592 School Counselor 9th grade last name A-E 11th last name A-L
Contact Jaimy Myers  Jaimy Myers 7286390 ex: 6579 School Counselor: students as assigned
Contact Daisy Nunez  Daisy Nunez Staff
Contact Amanda Sandoval  Amanda Sandoval (831) 728-6390 ex: 6593 School Counselor 9th Grade Last Names M-Z 11th Grade Last Names P-Z
Contact Ruschele Viotti  Ruschele Viotti (831) 728-6390 ex: 6396 Counselor 12th Grade P-Z and 10th Grade M-Z


Staff Directory

To email a staff member the format is
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WHS Administration 2020-21

Dr. Clara Fernandez, Principal
Mr. Joe Gregorio, Assistant Principal
Ms. Chrissy McLean, Assistant Principal
Mr. Michael Mansfield, Assistant Principal
Mr. Ricky Maldonado, Assistant Principal

Contact Christina MacLean  Christina MacLean (831) 728-6390 ex: 6386 Assistant Principal
Contact Michael Mansfield  Michael Mansfield ex: 6487 Assistant Principal

Caseload info coming soon...

Office Staff
Contact Leandra Cabadas  Leandra Cabadas (831) 728-6390 ex: 6479 Community Liason
Contact Lupe Godinez-Carrancho  Lupe Godinez-Carrancho (831) 728-6390 ex: 6370 Office Manager
Contact Elvira Martinez  Elvira Martinez Staff
Contact Claudia Zuniga  Claudia Zuniga Staff
WHS Teachers A-z by last name
Contact Benjamin Akiyama  Benjamin Akiyama 83172863906461 Physical Education Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Randy Alaga  Randy Alaga Teacher
Contact Kiplen Allert  Kiplen Allert Teacher
Contact Celene Alvarado-Cuneo  Celene Alvarado-Cuneo Teacher
Contact Catherine Anderson  Catherine Anderson Teacher
Contact Erin Ashwell  Erin Ashwell Teacher
Contact Stephanie Ayzner  Stephanie Ayzner ex: 6336 Teacher
Contact Annette Baity  Annette Baity Teacher
Contact Pablo Barrick  Pablo Barrick Teacher
Contact Sarah Baumgart  Sarah Baumgart Teacher
Contact Norman Blanco  Norman Blanco Teacher
Contact Adriana Briceno  Adriana Briceno Teacher
Contact Golden Brown  Golden Brown (831) 728-6390 ex: 6405 VAPA teacher(chair) MOSAIC academy
Contact Stephen Buchter  Stephen Buchter (831) 728-6390 ex: Extension 6544 Teacher
Contact Laetitia Cabrol  Laetitia Cabrol Teacher
Contact Clayton Caroon  Clayton Caroon Teacher
Contact Suncere Castro  Suncere Castro ex: 6429 Teacher
Contact Satina Ciandro  Satina Ciandro Teacher
Contact Antonia Collazo  Antonia Collazo Teacher
Contact Robert Cornett  Robert Cornett ex: 6334 Introduction to Computers/Health Instructor
Contact Paulina Correia  Paulina Correia Agriculture Teacher/BATA Lead
Contact Jeff DeMarco  Jeff DeMarco Teacher
Contact Lilia Denevan  Lilia Denevan Teacher
Contact Lacey Deverick  Lacey Deverick ROP Instructor - Health Academy
Contact Vicente Diaz  Vicente Diaz Teacher
Contact Will Federman  Will Federman (831) 728-6390 ex: 6343 Science Department Chair and Chemistry Teacher
Contact Debra Finney  Debra Finney English Department Chair / teacher
Contact Bibiana Gonzalez  Bibiana Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Kristina Grantz  Kristina Grantz (831) 728-6390 ex: 6498 Activities Director
Contact Isaias Guzman  Isaias Guzman Teacher
Contact Ruth Herradora  Ruth Herradora Teacher : E-Tech
Contact Saira Hirji  Saira Hirji Teacher
Contact Heidi Holland  Heidi Holland (831) 728-6390 ex: 6339 Intro to Computers/ Catz Coding Club
Contact Daniel Johnston  Daniel Johnston Teacher
Contact Ryan Jones  Ryan Jones World History/AP World History Teacher
Contact Dylan Kelly  Dylan Kelly Teacher
Contact Dawn Krenz  Dawn Krenz Teacher
Contact Ricardo Landa  Ricardo Landa Teacher
Contact Erin Larrus  Erin Larrus Agriculture Department Chair
Contact Carol Leinenbach  Carol Leinenbach Teacher
Contact Alejandra Magana  Alejandra Magana Teacher
Contact Jorge Manriquez  Jorge Manriquez Teacher
Contact Guillermo Marmolejo  Guillermo Marmolejo Teacher
Contact Abel Mejia  Abel Mejia Teacher
Contact Erin Mejia  Erin Mejia Biology and Biotechnology Teacher
Contact Ruben Mejia  Ruben Mejia Teacher
Contact Valentin Mendoza  Valentin Mendoza Teacher
Contact Deborah Michel  Deborah Michel Teacher
Contact Patrick Molanchon  Patrick Molanchon Teacher
Contact Heather Morrison  Heather Morrison Teacher
Contact Vivian Moutafian  Vivian Moutafian Teacher
Contact Rene Munoz  Rene Munoz (831) 728-6390 ex: 6318 Teacher
Contact Amy Muraki  Amy Muraki Teacher
Contact Christopher Nelson  Christopher Nelson Teacher
Contact Victor Nolasco  Victor Nolasco ex: x6325 Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Mark Northcutt  Mark Northcutt Teacher
Contact Marta Novoa  Marta Novoa Teacher
Contact Rebeca Padilla  Rebeca Padilla Teacher
Contact Carlos Patino  Carlos Patino (831) 728-6390 ex: 6424 Teacher
Contact Robert Pelz  Robert Pelz Teacher
Contact Sara Pizzo  Sara Pizzo Teacher
Contact Juan Pozo  Juan Pozo Teacher
Contact David Radican  David Radican Teacher
Contact Rosie Ramirez  Rosie Ramirez Teacher
Contact Hilary Reid  Hilary Reid Teacher
Contact Savanah Rhine  Savanah Rhine Teacher
Contact Ronald Rhodes  Ronald Rhodes Teacher
Contact Bertha Rodriguez  Bertha Rodriguez Teacher
Contact David Scott  David Scott Teacher
Contact Alysia Sharief  Alysia Sharief Teacher
Contact Amy Smet  Amy Smet Teacher
Contact Robert Smet  Robert Smet Teacher
Contact Dina Toschi  Dina Toschi Teacher
Contact Jim Toumey  Jim Toumey (831) 728-6390 ex: 6457 Teacher
Contact Martha Vega  Martha Vega Teacher
Contact Tizoc Velasco  Tizoc Velasco ex: 6359 Teacher
Contact Stephanie Wagner  Stephanie Wagner Teacher
Contact Cheri Walker  Cheri Walker Teacher
Contact Travis Walker  Travis Walker Teacher
Contact Nicholas Watter  Nicholas Watter Teacher
Contact Sara Webb  Sara Webb (831) 728-6390 ex: 6406 Teacher
Contact Joan Wilkinson  Joan Wilkinson Teacher
Contact Joy Winterlyn  Joy Winterlyn (831) 728-6390 ex: 6429 Teacher
Contact Burnne Yew  Burnne Yew Teacher