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Freshmen SLC

Freshmen SLC: Needed Binder Contents

Organized Binder Check List:                              

Needed Binder Contents:

  •         Good quality 2" ring binder and pocket inserts
  •         6 colored tab subject dividers for separate academic classes
  •         Zipper pouch to store supplies
  •         Two or more pens
  •         Two or more pencils
  •         Two or more colored highlighters
  •         Filler paper (lined, graphed - ask your teacher what they will require for Cornell Notes)
  •         Assignment Calendar

Extra, but not required:

  • Calculator
  • Portable three hole punch
  • Flash drive

Freshmen SLC: Classroom Responsibilities

Classroom Responsibilities:

  1. Be on time, in seat and ready to work.
  • With Supplies
  • Back Pack on floor
  • Attentive to teacher's instructions
  • All Electronics away and on SILENT/OFF.
  • Consequences/Documented intervention strategies:
    • Warning
    • Phone call home
    • Discipline Report to Admin
      • Loss of points
      • Detention at teacher discretion
    • Write Catz Code violation as homework noting the violation, must include parent signature, and present to teacher next class period.
    • Admin referral/parent meeting​​​​​​​

       2. Safe Learning Environment

  • Appropriate dress
  • Respectful classroom behavior
  • No gang apparel/ behavior
  • No Harassment/bullying


                 See CATZ code for consequences.

Freshmen Expectations:

1. Organized Binder

2. Cornell Note taking

Freshmen Teacher Contacts:
Benjamin Akiyama 83172863906461 Physical Education Teacher/Department Chair
Erin Ashwell Teacher
Stephanie Ayzner ex: 6336 Teacher
Michael Blum Teacher
Laetitia Cabrol Teacher
Clayton Caroon Teacher
Antonia Collazo Teacher
Robert Cornett ex: 6334 Introduction to Computers/Health Instructor
Jeff DeMarco Teacher
Vicente Diaz Teacher
Linda Donovan Teacher
Tace Higuchi Teacher
Saira Hirji Teacher
Heidi Holland (831) 728-6390 ex: 6339 Intro to Computers/ Catz Coding Club
Cheri Johnson Teacher
Nicole Lewen Teacher
Deborah Michel Teacher
Patrick Molanchon Teacher
Donald (Nick) Morris Teacher
Amy Muraki Teacher
Victor Nolasco ex: x6325 Teacher/Department Chair
Rebeca Padilla Math 1 Push In Teacher/Math Department Chair
Rosie Ramirez Teacher
Ronald Rhodes Teacher
David Scott Teacher
Amy Smet Teacher
Jim Toumey (831) 728-6390 ex: 6457 Teacher
Cheri Walker Teacher
Joan Wilkinson Teacher
Joy Winterlyn (831) 728-6390 ex: 6429 Teacher