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Freshmen SLC

Freshmen SLC: Needed Binder Contents

Organized Binder Check List:                              

Needed Binder Contents:

  •         Good quality 2" ring binder and pocket inserts
  •         6 colored tab subject dividers for separate academic classes
  •         Zipper pouch to store supplies
  •         Two or more pens
  •         Two or more pencils
  •         Two or more colored highlighters
  •         Filler paper (lined, graphed - ask your teacher what they will require for Cornell Notes)
  •         Assignment Calendar

Extra, but not required:

  • Calculator
  • Portable three hole punch
  • Flash drive

Freshmen SLC: Classroom Responsibilities

Classroom Responsibilities:

  1. Be on time, in seat and ready to work.
  • With Supplies
  • Back Pack on floor
  • Attentive to teacher's instructions
  • All Electronics away and on SILENT/OFF.
  • Consequences/Documented intervention strategies:
    • Warning
    • Phone call home
    • Discipline Report to Admin
      • Loss of points
      • Detention at teacher discretion
    • Write Catz Code violation as homework noting the violation, must include parent signature, and present to teacher next class period.
    • Admin referral/parent meeting​​​​​​​

       2. Safe Learning Environment

  • Appropriate dress
  • Respectful classroom behavior
  • No gang apparel/ behavior
  • No Harassment/bullying


                 See CATZ code for consequences.

Freshmen Expectations:

1. Organized Binder

2. Cornell Note taking

Freshmen Teacher Contacts:
Contact Benjamin Akiyama  Benjamin Akiyama 83172863906461 Physical Education Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Erin Ashwell  Erin Ashwell Teacher
Contact Stephanie Ayzner  Stephanie Ayzner ex: 6336 Teacher
Contact Michael Blum  Michael Blum Teacher
Contact Laetitia Cabrol  Laetitia Cabrol Teacher
Contact Clayton Caroon  Clayton Caroon Teacher
Contact Antonia Collazo  Antonia Collazo Teacher
Contact Robert Cornett  Robert Cornett ex: 6334 Introduction to Computers/Health Instructor
Contact Jeff DeMarco  Jeff DeMarco Teacher
Contact Vicente Diaz  Vicente Diaz Teacher
Contact Linda Donovan  Linda Donovan Teacher
Contact Tace Higuchi  Tace Higuchi Teacher
Contact Saira Hirji  Saira Hirji Teacher
Contact Heidi Holland  Heidi Holland (831) 728-6390 ex: 6339 Intro to Computers/ Catz Coding Club
Contact Cheri Johnson  Cheri Johnson Teacher
Contact Nicole Lewen  Nicole Lewen Teacher
Contact Deborah Michel  Deborah Michel Teacher
Contact Patrick Molanchon  Patrick Molanchon Teacher
Contact Donald (Nick) Morris  Donald (Nick) Morris Teacher
Contact Amy Muraki  Amy Muraki Teacher
Contact Victor Nolasco  Victor Nolasco ex: x6325 Teacher/Department Chair
Contact Rebeca Padilla  Rebeca Padilla Math 1 Push In Teacher/Math Department Chair
Contact Rosie Ramirez  Rosie Ramirez Teacher
Contact Ronald Rhodes  Ronald Rhodes Teacher
Contact David Scott  David Scott Teacher
Contact Amy Smet  Amy Smet Teacher
Contact Jim Toumey  Jim Toumey (831) 728-6390 ex: 6457 Teacher
Contact Cheri Walker  Cheri Walker Teacher
Contact Joan Wilkinson  Joan Wilkinson Teacher
Contact Joy Winterlyn  Joy Winterlyn (831) 728-6390 ex: 6429 Teacher