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English Language Support Team

Here is how we are spending our time

EL Team Roars Fall Edition

EL Team ROARs Fall Edition.... First Quarter DOwn!

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As most of you know, we are starting the process of reclassifying students as Fluent English Proficient (FEP), if they qualify, using the District’s interim criteria. Now that we have the list of candidates from the District office, many of you have been contacted by Sara or I to give us feedback on your current students to assist us in determining if we can move ahead with their reclassification. Please do get back to us as your feedback matters! The more we know about your students, the better we can support you (and them)!

Our next “big” thing is the RFEP monitoring; another chance for us to reach out and discover how the students who have already been reclassified as “FEP”  are currently doing. Our school continues to get funding to help these students from “falling through the cracks”. Just because they have passed the minimum requirements does not necessarily mean they can fully comprehend the rigorous content you are offering in regular and AP classes. It’s a requirement that we follow-up on these students and we need, and appreciate,  your input.

We provided two staff development sessions on October 5th along with Ann Childers on Mining for Data for ELLs. We looked at individual classes’ ELPAC (and MAP) scores and briefly reviewed the ELD standards and where to find them. We looked at reading and writing strategies and ways to differentiate for the various ELD levels.  We also co-planned with Kristen Erickson, District coach, to provide another set of EL sessions to choose from on Inquiry.

We are planning a Taco Bar Potluck for our November 15th ELAC meeting. Feel free to join us! Staff is always welcome!

The quarterly SDAIE data team has begun meeting during after school hours. Many teachers have received coaching, observations or “pushed-in” assistance. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving this type of service to better meet the needs of your EL students.

Slowly we are getting the equipment needed to create a space that is amenable to serve a small group of students (8-10) for language testing, practice, and language counseling. LARC comes in to our room (from the District office)  to test our newcomers.We also hope to offer an environment conducive for parents of our EL students and teachers to meet together.

ELAC Meeting Thursday October 18th in the WHS cafeteria @ 6PM

We will be discussing the Seal of Biliteracy and Program Options  for English language learners.  You will learn about the various classes offered for students learning English. 

What we do:

  • Support all English learners  in all classes to develop language proficiency
  • Test & monitor all students who are designated as English Learners or are Re-designated  English Learners
  • Provide curricular support to teachers through coaching and planning time
  • Support students in their classes by "pushing in" to classrooms as a coach/ co- teacher

And more!  Click HERE to learn more about what we do and how we can support you!


“What are they doing there in Rm 65?”

We are off and running for a productive school year! In 3 ½ short weeks, we have already accomplished a number of necessary tasks and held a few fun events.

We have been working to create a space that is amenable to serve a small group of students for language testing, practice, and language counseling. We’d also like to offer a pleasant environment for parents and teachers to conference and receive support.

We have already given initial placement tests to determine appropriate scheduling for newcomers and students who appeared to be misplaced, with input and assistance from counselors and teachers.

All ELD, SDAIE and English teachers have been given a (hardcopy & electronic) list of their students’ ELPAC scores, and a video has been created and shared to assist everyone to access these on their own.

We provided two staff development sessions (Day 2 on the job) and are planning two more sessions on October 5th. 

We’ve also already held one ELAC meeting (pictured above) and participated in the Resource Fair at Back-to -School Night.

We’ve participated in:

  • 4--EL Team meetings

  • 3-Meetings with District personnel for ELPAC data & data manipulation

  • 1 meeting with District personnel on Special Education Reclassification.

  • 1-ELS meeting

Special Ed Reclassification forms have been distributed to their case managers and we are prepared to support the process when necessary. Other reclassification forms will be coming our way in about one month, as they fine-tune the criteria with guidance from our new Federal and State Director, Mike Berman.

At least ten teachers have received coaching and about 15 class periods have received observations or “pushed-in” assistance. This is available to those who express interest in learning ways to better serve their EL students. This has impacted about 200 students already!

There is also discussion about starting a quarterly SDAIE data team meeting during after school hours. Administration has generously agreed to offer up to eight hours of supplemental pay to those teachers who are interested and willing to participate.

This week ELPAC initial testing (for those students new to CA or USA) is due to begin, while regular ELPAC testing doesn’t begin until after Winter Break. We are beginning to prepare for Reclassification and RFEP monitoring, which will be taking place in the next few months. This documentation then has to be recorded in their cum folders.

The ELS Team

Sara "Doc" Roe

831-728-6390 x 6589  or

  Cell: 831-254-6648

Kim Sweeney

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ELAC Parent Corner

Our next meeting is April 18 in the Cafeteria @ 6 PM.  

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