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ESNR - WHS Environmental Academy

About us...

ESNR is Watsonville High School's green academy. We provide a foundation of knowledge and skills in careers related to the energy, environment, and utilities industry sector. The pathway emphasizes real-world, occupationally relevant knowledge, technical skills, and experiences in environmental sustainability and energy and power technology. Our hands-on program incorporates outdoor experiences, innovative use of technology, creative problem solving, and social and environmental justice. Expect several extracurricular trips including colleges and universities, state parks, camping trips and the San Francisco Bay.

ESNR is proudly partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, UC Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, Strategic Energy Innovations, and Your Future is Our Business. 

Go Green or Go Home!!

We Go Outside.

Fun + Active + Creative + Curious + Smart = ESNR!!